Frequently Asked Questions

It is under 150 MB, which is fairly typical for apps. It is less than Safari or some banking apps.

The Abound app is compatible with iPhones using iOS v10 and above, and Android smartphones using Android v5.0 and above.

Click here to see complete Abound compatibility list.

Before you pair your CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter with the Abound app, make sure the meter has been set up by turning it on and confirming the date, time, and target range settings. Refer to the meter's user manual for detailed instructions.

Next, verify that Bluetooth® is enabled on your smartphone.

Use your Abound app and follow the in-app instructions to pair.

If you have any further issues, contact Abound Customer Support at 1-888-890-8577 or by email at

No, you cannot pair multiple meters to your Abound app. You should only pair the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter that was provided to you with the Abound App.

We take the protection of your data and its confidential treatment very seriously. Anything you share with Abound (through the app or Guide conversations) will only be used for your Guide to support your individual needs and goals on Abound.

Anonymized information may be utilized for further development and marketing purposes. Refer to the Privacy Policy within the app for details.

Any personal conversations or information shared between you and your Guide are treated as confidential and stored securely, with appropriate security measures in place.

Because Abound uses a third-party service for phone calls (keeping private numbers anonymous), you cannot call your Guide back. Instead, you can either chat with your Guide within the app to let them know when you are available to try again. Or you can call the Abound Customer Support number if you cannot reach your Guide via chat.

You can enroll in the Abound Program if you:

*Are at least 18 years old
*Are living with Type 2 Diabetes
*Must reside in one of the 5 states - Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona and Minnesota
*Are not a beneficiary of any State or Federal Government funded health program - e.g. Medicare and Medicaid 

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